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Quickstart Guide to Using Compass, Haml, SASS, SCSS with Rails 3

April 18th, 2011

Quick Backstory

I regularly use Compass, Haml, SASS, and SCSS with Rails 3. I decided it would be helpful to create a quick-start guide on how to get an application set up with it.

Use this guide as either a cheat sheet, or as a newbie a basic understanding of how to use these libraries together. At the end is a mini tutorial as a bonus.

Setup Rails 3 Application

First we need to make sure we have the latest Rails gem.

gem install rails

As long as it’s some version of 3 it shouldn’t matter at the time of this writing.

Now let’s setup the application.

rails new rails-compass-haml-sass-scsss

Go into your application

cd cd rails-compass-haml-sass-scsss

Install Bundler to manage your gems

gem install bundle

Open up ./Gemfile

After `gem rails', in your Gemfile; add Compass, Haml.

gem 'compass'

gem 'haml'

Now you need to install the gems.

bundle install

Configure Compass

Now that you’re setup with your gems. Now it is time to configure Compass.

compass init rails . --using blueprint/semantic

I accept default values for all. Just hit yes and enter.

Then delete application.html.erb because you’re using haml.

rm app/views/layouts/application.html.erb

Create app/views/layouts/application.html.haml

Paste the following in application.html.haml

    %title rails-compass-haml-sass-scss 
    = stylesheet_link_tag 'compiled/screen.css', :media => 'screen, projection'
    = stylesheet_link_tag 'compiled/print.css', :media => 'print'
    /[if lt IE 8]
      = stylesheet_link_tag 'compiled/ie.css', :media => 'screen, projection'
      = csrf_meta_tag
      = yield

Configure Rails 3 HAML Generator

I configure Rails 3 to use HAML generators instead of ERB because it is annoying to constantly remove .erb files, and or edit them into HAML syntax.

git clone git://github.com/psynix/rails3_haml_scaffold_generator.git lib/generators/haml

Edit config/application.rb and add the following after config.filter_parameteres +=[:password]:

config.generators do |g|
  g.template_engine :haml

Now you’re setup with Compass, Haml, SASS, and SCSS using Rails 3.

Bonus: Newbie Tutorial

Don’t know where to go from here? It’s okay. I’ll give you a quick tip if you’re looking for some newbie help.

Let’s scaffold something quickly

rails generate scaffold Post

You will notice it’s creating haml views. Good.

Delete public/index.html

rm public/index.html

Run migrations or Rails will complain that the record doesn’t exist, even though we don’t really care about that for demonstration purposes.

rake db:migrate

Run the server

rails server

Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/posts

Bam, now you’re running with Rails 3 using Compass, Haml, Sass, and SCSS.

Want to make a quick edit to the stylesheet as an example of workflow? Sure, open up app/views/stylesheets/screen.scss and add:

#container {@include container;}

Refresh http://localhost:3000/posts and now you’ll see that it’s centered. How? Well, since we told Compass to initialize with Blueprint it has mixins already setup for the Blueprint library, and if you’re familiar with the grid system you always have to have a container to center the layout utilizing the grid. Check out the Compass Blueprint Docs if you want to learn more.

Now you have a quick taste on the power of Compass while demonstrating how to use it all together in Rails 3.

Hope this helped you.

Download Repo from Github

If you want to download the repo from Github go ahead:

Github: https://github.com/dfischer/Rails-3-Quickstart-Compass—Haml—Sass—SCSS

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